I frequently stops by Dollar General at 1218 West Blvd Store#13444, this particular afternoon I goes to the store, to purchase 3 items, I bought an I phone cover for my daughter and two frozen items, and when I got home the I phone cover was not there, so I called back to store, and the girl that waited on me told the manager, the lady that was behind me got the bag, because she said she thought it was a person that I was with, I was in the store all by myself, so when I got back to the store, the young lady that waited on me asked me was I coming to exchange something I told her no I was looking for the I phone cover and I asked her why she did not put it in the bag with the frozen items she said they are not allowed to bag it that way. Know the manager tells me she looked on the camera and she could see the girl bagged all three items in one bag, I told her she did not, and I quoted what the young lady told me that they were not trained to put that item with frozen foods, so know some body is lieing and I know I did not have the cover when I got back home.

The managers and the workers need to do better on dressing, the manager can't set an example because she is tacky also, she came in the door you can see the expression on her face that she did not want to be there, a line full of people, and she did not even speak, another time I was in the store, 1 cashier working, the other 2 standing and talking instead of trying to get customers out, but I guess what ever they were discussing were more important than the customers. When I say dress that means hair also. Back to me calling the store after I got home the young lady answered the phone she said you can call back and talk with the manager in an hour, so I immediately got in my car and went to the store and guess what she was there, and I knew she was their because she was the one that came in the door while I was in line to checkout, the cashier spoke to her and she barely threw her hand up to speak.

I would have never come back to the store if I had the item I had purchased.

Monetary Loss: $5.

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West Blvd - The amount of garbage on the ground outside the store is unbelievable. Makes you feel dirty before even walking in the store..


try working in a store with all *** and than mostly *** customers real fun and the store manager banging the *** DM

Evansville, Indiana, United States #972913

I understand your frustration - but ultimately it is your responsibility to make sure you have all of your items before leaving the store. I work at a Dollar General Store and I try to let my customers know how many bags they have - but when it is extremely busy and hectic, I don't always get a chance.

You should always double check to make sure you have all of your items before leaving.

Also, I understand your frustration about employees chatting and not helping to clear the line of customers. Before I worked in retail, things like that annoyed me all of the time. You can come into my store everyday, and you will see me working alone on a register, even with a line of customers. You may also see a co-worker or two behind me, talking or seemingly ignoring the line.

The truth is, per corporate, only one cashier can be on the clock at a time. The store manager does have an active register, but is supposed to be on the register as little as possible, like when the cashier is on a break. If the line gets too long and the manager is able to, they will help out. But often there are outside vendors delivering merchandise to our store, and our manager HAS to oversee that process.

And you may see more than two employees, because on certain days corporate requires that there be a manager on duty to oversee issues and vendors, a cashier, and another employee to stock shelves - only one cashier is able to have a drawer of money to work on. And if a drawer of money is assigned to me, no one else can work on my register.

Basically, what I'm saying is - things happen. Ultimately you are responsible for keeping track of your own merchandise.

I think it sucks that you had a bad experience when going back to the store, but I have a feeling you weren't being very pleasant. Next time, maybe be a little more patient because then people are more likely to help you out.

to Miller #1100121

Agrees, this person is acting like a child by refusing to take any responsibility for her own mistake. The OP should refer to herself as a girl rather than someone over the age of 18 because she is acting like she is three years old by not admitting fault.

If the manager has to deal with customers like her no wonder she does not want to be there.

Also how do you know that they were not on break. The OP has a lot of growing up to do and she has the nerve of calling the cashier a girl when she is behaving like a little girl herself.

to Anonymous Orange, California, United States #1236046

If I had not read that the OP had a daughter I would have assumed she was five years old for two reasons. One she refuses to accept responsibility for her mistake, an two her spelling and grammar is terrible. Funny that she calls someone old enough to work when she behaves and spells like she is five years old.

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #614987

From some of your spelling and wording, plus extremely long sentences, you don't appear to be somebody so judgmental. Besides your alleged monetary loss of $5.00, what right do you have to criticize the way that the manager, and employees dress, do their hair, or act in general.

That is just really petty to bring that up in your complaint, let alone that the manager doesn't look like she wants to be at the store. Myself, I don't give a "rip" if an employee greets me or not, I am there to shop, not be social. As far as the employees talking instead of helping to check people out goes, You don't know that they were just visiting and not discussing something pertaining to the store.

I am also sure that if the lines had been long enough other check out lines would have opened.

to anonymous #1100120

Not only that, but she probably should not be calling an adult a girl when she has spelling and grammar that makes this look like it was written by someone in the third grade. How hard is it to take all your items with you.

She only bought three items. For an adult calling someone a girl, she sure acts like a child herself.

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