I was shopping in Louisville, KY the Dollar general Market on Taylor BLVD and witness drugs being sold by an employee I think Dollar General should drug screen their employees on a regular basis. I've always thought that all family stores drug free work places, but I now see that Dollar General is not a Drug free work place.

And If I can see this going on between employee I can only guess what other families and their children can see while shopping their. I really hope Dollar General can come up to speed with evaluating their employees in the very close future.

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I think that all these people here that are posting these nasty comments are drug addicts them self's; pay them no mind. As far as this comment post goes yes I agree there is a lot more need for this company to monitor there stores more closely certainly for drugs seeing that these employees are responsible for the company's money and reputation.

Chapel Hill, Tennessee, United States #675762

I agree. Dollar General should sue you for that statement!

You have no idea what was going on there. And they can't control everything that happens every second.

You are old and need to mind your business seriously. Dramatic much!


Dollar General need's to "SUE" Your *** for Making That Statement".Did you "NOTIFY the Head Office About This Matter ,That You State You Witness?Or Better Still,Did You Notify The Police before You left the Location?Get A Life And Leave Other People's Business Along.With Your Noisy *** ***.


mind your business nobody was hurting you


If you witnessed something illegal, why would you not notify the local law enforcement instead of posting here. Dollar General does drug testing when promoting employees, they also have random checks. And like the previous person stated, how close were you and do you know for a fact that it was an illegal drug they were selling or is this an assumption?




Maybe they are selling to supplement that meager Dollar General minimum wage check every two weeks. If they are using, well...

It's Dollar General... Wouldn't you get high if that was the only place you could get a job.

Here's a final thought to the woman who wrote the aforementioned post. You state that you, "witness drugs being sold." How far away were you and how do you even know it is a drug? The word drug does not specify much of anything.

Aspirin is a drug, but so is cocaine. I have a feeling that you would not know "drugs" as you call them if a box of them fell on your head.

Look, I can tell from your writing style and your topics that you are a frustrated woman over the age of 50 that needs to get laid so instead of wasting your time writing this nonsense on Pissed Consumer donate some time helping retards or an equivalent. It will possibly give them some much needed self confidence knowingly associating with an IQ lower than theirs.

to Intercom: We have a 20% off sa #625116

Man...Ive got to hand it to you, dishing out whoop-*** like this to the ignorant people of the world makes me a tiny bit less depressed that I'm going to be serving them. ***

to That Duude #1359514

Thank you for your service. God bless.

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