6315 Scenic Hwy, Baton Rouge la 70805 Saturday April 7 2018

Today a woman name Virginia at the location was very rowdy and rude. My nephews came in with his grandmother and before he could walk in she told him to get out.

My mother asked why and she ignored her. So she told his mother and I what happen and we went back to figure out why they was put out and the guy at the front counter said that she said something happen a while ago and he went got her. So she said that a incident happen where one of them cursed another employee out so his mother called him and he said that they accused them of stealing and made them empty their pocket and they found nothing. From my experience as a Assistant manager of a store a employee can't accuse a customer of stealing unless they know for sure because of legal action can take place.

So she explain and got rowdy and ghetto and kicked us out and threaten to call the police because we was asking a simple question which the situation could have been fixed by telling his grandmother when they tried to come in but she instead got rude and very unprofessional. This is their neighborhood dollar general now they can't come in nor us because they kicked us out because a simple question and a incident where they could have told the mother or grandmother and the problem would have been fixed. I also went back in to ask her her name so I can contact home office and tell them this incident she grabbed her tag and said you can't read and said I better get out! That isn't the way to handle the situation and I believe that she should be counseled on how to handle situation like I stated and her customer service skills.

I understand the store is in a bad area and people get crazy but we didn't come to her crazy we was wondering what was the problem with my 16 year old nephew and why he couldn't come back in. I don't think it's right for them to tell us we can't come back in because of a simple question nor because of my nephew incident they shouldn't have that right to keep somebody out the store who's shows no threat or didn't threat them

Product or Service Mentioned: Dollar General Corporation Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Your nephew is a thief!! You KNOW you got kicked out because you were showing your *** The how dare they kick us out riled you up and because he was kicked out YOU felt it was appropriate to make a scene.

You’re lucky, I would have had the child arrested, AND HAVE!! I would have had you removed and trespassed from any store and I would have called around and informed the managers in my area that your nephew is a KNOWN THIEF!! Then I would have given not only his picture but yours as well to every manager in the area. You seem to think that you had some right to question thier choice but you forget that it’s THIER PROPERTY and they can kick you out for smelling funny, let alone theft and a public nuisance.

If you couldn’t control the child to keep him from stealing what makes you think that ANYTHING you say or do is going to change him.

Consider it a lesson learned. Your nephew has stolen from them and THEY do not wish to do business with ANY of your family.

to Durpa #1459402

I totally agree with u. I woulda put his *** out too... DAM THIEVES

to Durpa #1459621

Thank you for you comment I’m not from Baton Rouge nor live there and I will make sure somebody important sees this in higher office. My nephew isn’t a known thief and it was said he emptied his pockets!

This isn’t a discussion for you and honestly I don’t care to even go to any of the stores around that area because it’s not a good area and it’s dangerous but like I’m complaining that was very unprofessional matter fact this post is unprofessional and I rather never come to that location again because of the rudeness. But thanks for your comments.

to Durpa #1459686

And I hope you learn how to spell and talk because your writing is less than college level. Also as far as being a adult about the situation your come as a little child.

There’s no need to argue and no need for me nor them to come into that location any longer. But I promise I will find out who’s the district manager over that location and get something done about this unprofessional situation. I have voice recording and now this post to show how unprofessional you all are to customers. Also if that doesn’t work I’ll go past district.

I’m one customer that gets things done. Thanks for not having great customer service.

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