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Cashier has no knowledge of how to run the computer in front of her, and act as though it was my fault she couldn't figure it out. Hire competent employees, train them before they start working in the store, teach them customer service is EVERYTHING.

Once again the less fortunate are humiliated for having to accept help, taking the EBT card out of my pocket to pay for food is not an easy thing for to do and you don't understand until it is you using the card.


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This has happened to me as well. The woman had no idea how to use the register, and asked me 3 times to swipe my ebt card, while at least 5 people are pissed off behind me.

I will never step foot in dollar general again. Neither will my family.


Ah...... I say let's be happy we have clean water to drink???? just let that soak in.


The registers have separate buttons for ebt and debit/credit. When customers don't show us you're using ebt it's an easy mistake to make.

Las Cruces, New Mexico, United States #1249294

"less fortunate are humiliated", how so? "using an EBT card...not easy thing to do", really?

You're whining to the very people who work so you can eat.

How about showing a little gratitude. You're welcome.

to aliens_amoung_us #1366185

I know this is an old post but people that get food stamps do work. Not all but most.That cashier probably gets food stamps.

How about you learn the way jobs and family services works before bashing people. You sound ignorant.

to Working recipient of food stam #1412959

I agree 100% - He has no idea what he's talking about. I work 40 hours a week and I pay all my bills and rent MYSELF.

However, after doing so, there's no money left for food.

I receive $58 a MONTH to buy food with and @aliens_among_us I pay taxes just like you! So Dollar General - Train your cashiers (None of the Dollar Generals I have visited have very friendly staff anyway) and sweetie pull that EBT card out and don't feel ashamed because we ALL need help from time to time.

to Anonymous #1413896

If you are paying all the bills yourself and only get $58 a month to buy food - then you are definitely NOT paying taxes. Please don't do yourself the disservice of telling us that. If your income is that low you are getting a refund every year.

to aliens_amoung_us #1461356

You are not paying for me *** i put 32 years in and now disabled. My measly 64.00 a month is mine it should be more for 32 years on the books.

Only get 1/2 what i should get. So you are not paying for everyone you runny nosed snot!!!

to aliens_amoung_us #1575936

Excuse you, I get ebt because I am on disability for having seizures. I worked 20 years in a factory, and was a manager for 7 of those years.

I did not ask for this. It's humiliating because people with your *** attitude act like everyone out there is out to cheap the system. No.

A lot of people who receive this help need it. You're welcome.

to aliens_amoung_us #1608567

It is humiliating. And for your information some of us using the EBT cards ARE working.

People who NEED help get a bad rep, everyone thinks we are loafers. Sometimes after bills, living expenses, etc food is hard to come by.

Dont judge people if you don't understand their situation. It could be you one day.

Muncie, Indiana, United States #1249277

"Hire competent employees"

An actual quote from someone on welfare. If you can do better, why not...ummm...hmmm...get a job?!?

to off***sumer***ed #1366186

How do you know they don't work? The laws have changed.

You can only be on stamps for so long until you find a job and then your benefits are adjusted according to your pay and dependants.

Learn the law. You sound ignorant.

Shepherdsville, Kentucky, United States #1249167

Just get a job and stop being a lazy freeloader. I'm tired of buying your food so you can spend your cash on drugs and booze.

to Anonymous #1366187

Once again another ignorant self righteous person who thinks they know how stamps work. You have to work for stamps.

You only get them for so long and have to get a job or they are cut off. After you get a job, the stamps are adjusted according to income and dependants.

to Anonymous #1405986

Hi there, just wanted to clarify I work full time and get food stamps. I make under a certain amount but still qualify.

I even work in a hospital and I get paid an okay wage. I am in school and i still qualify.

i am not ashamed to use food stamps because I have been working since I was 14. One day, when I finish school, I will gladly pay for the food of others.

to logan #1406022

These comments are disgusting

. Classism and Racism all the way down. Disgusting and ignorant .

to Me #1435420

Racism? Where?

to Anonymous #1412962

You are a judgemental moron. You better pray to God that you NEVER need any help you arrogant ***.

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