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I went into the Ebensburg, pa Dollar General at 8:35pm & closing time for that store is 9pm. I had a list of stuff I needed to get that only takes me about 10mins to grab but couldn't get a cart because all the stuff that they set out on the sidewalk was in front of the carts & other stuff I wanted to purchase.

I had to keep making trips up to the counter then back to get more stuff. I even told the workers that I had to make trips cause I couldn't get a cart & she just laughed.

Im not happy with this store at all! I live 7 miles from the store & I was back home at 8:55pm.

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Frederic, Wisconsin, United States #770681

Ok you got there at 8:35pm and back home by 8:55pm. I'm saying about 10 min or so was drive time and walking/putting your bags in the car.

SMH!! :roll

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