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On Friday, September 12, 2014 between the hours of 4:15 PM and 5: 40 PM, I visited the Dollar General #6918 located at 640 W. Memorial Drive in Dallas, GA.

I had visited this store with two missions in mind: 1. to purchase several items for personal use and 2.) to fact find and purchase several items for some editorial pieces. I am a coupon blogger, guest columnist and contract mystery shopping by trade. When I arrived at the store, I browsed the sales that specifically marked for the aforementioned event.

During my initial survey of the items, I encountered numerous items that had no price on the item, display, shelf or sign. As such, I approached the cashier and asked him if there were prices scanners in the store or if there was any other way to identify the price (either pre or post markdown). To my question, he replied somewhat abrasively and reticently stated that he would have to scan each item for a price. I declined to do so and continued to shop.

While I found his sub-par customer service unappealing, I had a job to do. I purchased a few items for personal use and carried them out to my car (I stood in line at the register for 12 minutes) and subsequently returned to gather the p[ricing information and purchase the items I needed for work work use. I spent quite sometime in the store and ultimately filled an entire buggy with merchandise as well as gathering several pieces of lawn and garden furniture. This second trip in line, I waited 17 minutes before bringing my buggy to the counter.

As the cashier began to scan, I noticed that a few of the items were ringing up at full price. I mentioned this to the cashier and told him that I'd be glad to wait if he wanted to cancel that transaction and take care of the people that gathered behind me before we tried to settle the price discrepancy. To this, the cashier replied "Do me a favor? Next time, don't come to the register until you're ready." I brushed the first incident off.

However, this time I could not. This was more than poor customer service. It was offensive, rude and the poorest I've ever been treated in any retail setting. I left my items at the register and exited the store.

I have never been treated so poorly in any setting, much less one that should strive to provide stellar customer service. I cannot, in good faith, recommend that any of my readers, students, friends or relatives spend their hard earned money at a store that treats their patrons in a manner that is coarse, flip and downright mean.

This is an issue that I feel like customers need to be aware of. I will be chronicling and detailing my experiences to all who will listen.

Product or Service Mentioned: Dollar General Corporation Coupon.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $300.

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Inman, South Carolina, United States #1211600

I feel the same way at my local Dollar General. I've been humiliated by one certain cashier 3 times.

If corporate doesn't do something, Dollar General won't get any more of my business. I've called corporate twice. They act like I'm doing them a favor by reporting the bad customer service but what's in it for me? Being humiliated by a smart mouthed cashier has an affect on you especially in front of 20 people behind you in line.

I don't know what to do. I'm afraid to go into my neighborhood Dollar General and that's a shame!!


Worst just because I was using coupons. Cops came and I almost got arrested I feel I need a lawyer. They robbed 11 coupons that belong to me when I asked for it police was called to the store

to Anonymous #869441

I have a feeling there is more to this story than what you are telling, if you were innocent they would not be contacting the police. However the OP of this review is a child and they should have called the police and let them know that an eight year old was shopping alone. Obviously if she cannot be prepared before going to the register she must be eight years old.

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