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i went to d.g. to buy dog food.

there were bags of alpo and a big sign that read $15.00. i went to pay. item rang up $16.75. the cashier and i went to check sign.

she gave me lame excuse about the sign saying $15.00 and up..omg. anyway she charge me correctly or give me store credit. she could not do anything because manager was gone. this was at 3:35 pm on 6-19-2013 and i would have to speak to manager until the morning.

so if you have a problem at that store#13959 it better be before 3:00 pm because no one can help you after that. anyway the clerk (sandra) told me that she would tell the manager and to just come back in the morning..she did not even take my name ..she said what are the odds of someone coming in and complaining about wrong price on dog food...(way to go sandra). i still had to buy a $5.00 bag of dog food cuz dogs will go hungry..so now instead of paying 15.00 for big bag of dog food..i am paying 20.00..wow what a sale.

i need sometime of refund for the $5.00 bag of dog food or coupon...this is ridiculous..this would not happen at heb or walmart a manager is always there and would have resolved the cashier problem and sold me the dog food for the 15.00 which was what the sticker indicated. thank you

Monetary Loss: $20.

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Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #666799

Why waste money on dog food, every dog my family ever had ate table scraps, and the same for my parents families when they were kids. Table scraps are what the two pugs that we had, until I had to move into an apartment ever ate.

In fact the one wouldn't eat potatoes unless they had gravy on them, meat had to have catsup, and vanilla ice cream had to have chocolate syrup on it. He could also tell the difference between real M&Ms and the cheap ones. They both lived to be a ripe old age.

The same with the dogs my family had when I was a kid, and the same with my grandparents. None of us had the money to buy dog food.

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