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On 9/21/12 I went into this location to purchase toilet tissue, at this time dollar general was having a sale on Angel Soft tissue for $6.00, I wan;t aware until after I made my purchase that I was over charged for this item, it rung up for $12.50, I brought this to the cashiers attention, and she informed me that she would have to get the manager in order to do a return. Once the manger finally emerged from the back room she was rude and blaming, apparently I had the wrong package of Angel Soft, the single rolls were on sale not the double rolls.

Which was fine and I requested to do an exchange/refund for the proper sale item, as the manager continued to rant about how it was my mistake for getting the wrong item. My associate became irate with the managers attitude and blatant disrespect toward me, that she began to speak up on my behalf, in which the manager engaged in a verbal combat with my associate. While I was giving the cashier my information in order to complete the return, the manger interrupted us and claimed the information I was giving was false and demanded that I give her my identification, I refused to do so, so she stormed to the back of the store and called the police, and insisted that we are banned from this location. I have contacted this company over 5 times via e-mail, telephone, as well as facebook, I have received a return call 9/28/12 from the district manager Michelle, who told me that she would get back to me on this issue, it is going on 2 weeks since the start and I would like a refund for this item.

The customer service is horrible and if it is policy to have an I.D. for a return, than it should be stated, and not left up to the customer to give the information, only to be accused of lying about their information.

Product or Service Mentioned: Dollar General Corporation Cashier.

Monetary Loss: $6.

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Obviously, that district manager needs to discharge that manager. Not every employee at Dollar General is rude in that manner.

Just like not all employees in any retail are rude.

Sometimes in life there are people in jobs they should not be in. I would make another call to corporate offices to point out the fact that the district manager has not solved the issue yet.

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