My friend had her car hit in the parking lot of a strip mall. A dollar general truck hit and damaged the entire side of her car.

The car was dragged 8 ft. The dollar general truck driver just drove away and did not report it. If it weren't for a witness, she would have never know what happened. Dollar general is refusing to turn in the drivers name to the police.

Unbelievable. Damage to her car is over $5000.00. Very disappointed in this company.

I will you can be sure that I will take my business elsewhere. Sad.

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The trucks that deliver the dg merchandise are NOT dg employees. We lease drivers through a trucking company called Werner or turner.

So the company probably doesnt know the drivers name, but they can call their D.O.T. department and have the trucking number track the driver. Something sounds a bit odd about this story though.

If the driver really drug her car that far and left, thats felony charges and police would legally seize the driver info and manifest from the trucking company. Sounds like your friend is fibbing.


I am more concerned about how your friend got her license. She is obviously way too young to drive if she needs you to fight her battles and cannot stick up for herself.

Also you were not there so you have no idea if your friend is lying. For all you know she could have damaged the car herself and is lying in hopes they pay for it.

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