Managers are worked till they can't stand. Six days a week mandatory.

ask for more labor hours only to be denied. district and regional managers do not listen to any suggestions made.many managers are over qualified at this time due to the economy. They expect you to have no family time, anyone that calls in you run to fill those hours. alarm goes off in middle of night your problem does not matter if you worked until 10:30pm and will work at 6:00am.

they feel you need no sleep no time to eat. Dollar General is the worse company that I have ever seen. No one from corporate gives a hoot. If you are liked by your district manager, you don't get the visits and you are reported as all is good in store.

Given days off when you want.

I feel sorry for the 70-80 hours a week that managers that are made to be there loose in life. whats that about 5 dollars an hour, if your lucky...............

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I get so sick of seeing others bashed when they complain about how they are treated at work. Just because there are 'many people who want your job' is no reason for the company to take advantage of you.

Sadly, it seems because the economy is so bad and people will take just about any job to make ends meet, employers have begun to use this as a reason to demand more and more of their employees without benefit of additional compensation or incentives.

Once that employee is burnt completely out, they simply replace them with their next victim. Irish, I guess telling someone they need to go back to fourth grade and finish school makes you feel 10 feet tall when in all actuality, it only makes you look like an insensitive ***.

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #207662

I have a few suggestions for you. First of all go back to the fourth grade and finish off school.

That way you will be able to write a letter with better puncuniation. Second if it is this bad for you quit.

Once you pass the fourth grade you will be able to get a better job. There are many people who want your job and would not be complaining like some child.

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