If the managers and employees are rude and unprofessional, it's because they are understaffed, overworked and underpaid. I see why they have you take those *** assessment tests because they are looking for a certain criteria of people that will go by the book or people who will conform.

Seemingly management and some associates consists of individuals who have limited education, very few skills and don't have other options in life. Add to that, located in low income communities where mainly the people don't give a *** about anything. DG should stand for *** Greedy.

Do not work for them!

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Du Bois, Pennsylvania, United States #949212

This person hit it spot on. Unless you are a sheep you're screwed.


Poor little baby. Be thankful you have any kind of a job.

A lot of people don't have jobs.

Those assessment tests are given in a lot of businesses and are mainly to see how a possible employee will handle different situations. Apparently you are too immature to realize when you are hired for a position you have to be able to handle all types of customers/situations and work conditions.

to anonymous #918922

Spoken like an honest conforming ***. Case and point.

Thank you. Hahahaha

to anonymous #918927

Are you with a Damage Control Firm? You know, people who get paid to write good reviews for a company so they don't look bad?

Do they pay good? Do they have good benefits?

Maybe I should apply then.

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