The Dollar General in Lake Village, AR is absolutely riduculous.

Aisles are blocked with stock that needs to be put on shelves..can't get by or walk down but very few aisles; it's been this way for months..you can't find anything; still in boxes. The employees that work there do their best but are short of help.

My Gosh can't Dollar General afford more help and get this place cleaned up before someone falls over all this *** and sues Dollar General.

I've seen other Dollar General stores, especially the one in Greenville, MS and it looks great. Get some help down here!

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Middlesex, North Carolina, United States #740919

Manager at Middlesex nc said she was going to call the pound to get rid of a stray cat just because customers were feeding it. There is a wooded lot beside the store and I see nothing wrong with the cat hanging around.

I look forward to seeing it every time I go and I love to feed it. Please please don't let her have it killed. Cats not hurting anything. Y being there.

and I'm sure cat food sales are up. :?


Maybe they can't get anybody to work for minimum wage. Would you want to?

Another thing is if they have more employees they would probably raise the prices and you would complain about that too. It shouldn't really be any of your concern if somebody would get hurt there and sue them.

The injured person would have to be able to prove that they got hurt because of stuff in the aisles, and that it wasn't because of their own carelessness. If an accident is going to happen, it will happen, no matter what.

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