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My wife and I go into Dollar General about 3 times a week. We live in Roberts Wisconsin and love the store.

The location is great because I can hit it on the way home. Trina is great and always nice to me and us. Your employee's car is there at 6 am when I head out to work and there until after 10 pm. We would like to know is that the way you treat all your good people????

Because if so! That is why you Company doesn't keep good people. I'm contacting all my friends to see if they need a great employee. We ask how many hours she has already and her reply was 64 hours for the week already.

She also said that she would have over 100 hours for the week!!!!! Really are you kidding ME! If a company wants to open a business, maybe try to man a store. I will be sending a copy to the state.

I don't see how in this day and age that a company can let this happen!!!!!.

I will not go there because of the way your company treats their employees. Shame on YOU!!!!

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You pretty much got her fired for this post. Well done.


I'm assuming Trina is the Store Manager. Sometimes a SM goes thru stretches where the store is short staffed and is working a lot of hours to get thru some tough times until the staff can be built up again.

Another thing that can cause this is when a SM takes over a store that needs to be fixed. It all usually works out in the end and all the long hours pay off with a much better store. I know because I've turned 2 DG stores around.

Encourage her when you see her in the store and tell her how good she's doing. Those words will mean the world to her.

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