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I have bought pizzas on 2 different occasions and got food poisoning both times.Dollar General in Del Valle,Tx is the place to avoid cooler items.We bought 2 different kinds so I know it wasn't the pizza itself.The first time all 5 of my family members had diarrhea,vomiting,weakness,dehydration,and stomache pain that I have never felt.We thought we had gotten a horrible disease and were dying;it was really awful.This time my son was the only recipient of the horrible sickness.He was up most of the night with the same symptoms as above.He still has horrible stomach pains today.I called the assistant manager and she blamed it on the vendor even though the pizzas had been at their store for over a week.

Product or Service Mentioned: Dollar General Corporation Manager.

Monetary Loss: $5.

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I will have to say this is the exception to the rule - DG is normally very good about this -- so are the vendors as DG gets very nasty about situations like that. You did not mention if the package dating was expired or not -- How do you now the pizza was in the store over a week?

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