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I purchased a sale item and when I left the store and checked the receipt while sitting in my vehicle I noticed that the item had rung up at the regular price.I then went back into the store and advised Melanie,the cashier of the error.She advised that since I left the store and came back she could not correct the error.I asked why not and she then called another lady who advised her not to change the transaction.

Check your receipts before leaving Dollar General.I usually shop at Dollar General several time a week as it is very close to my home.Looks like I'll have to go a little further to "the big box store" as the readily correct their errors.

Product or Service Mentioned: Dollar General Corporation Cashier.

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I am a dollar general employee and that is garbage what we do is take the item scan it as a refund and resell it to you at the sale price thus giving you the difference so lets say you buy a produt and its $2.50 regular price and $2.00 sale price. We would give you the refund. (And I might even allow you to keep the product and refund you to keep you as a customer) and then sell it at the price of $2.00 and give you the refund of $.50


unless the person on checkout was a keycarrying person -- they would have been unable to refund or credit the difference the MOD should have been able -- if a sign was mis-read they should have explained that to you. It sounds like a expired sale sign was missed and and left up and the sale price was no longer ringing.

If the sign was left up you should be credited the difference which would likely require refund for original price paid and then re-charge at price indicated on shelf. so you received the difference back


Our store would have also given you a refund. Sounds like you just had a bad experience with the particular store you went to. =(


What they could have given you a refund, scan it again, and change the reg price to the one advertised. There isn't much they can do if the item wasn't on sale except refund your money for the item or exchange it.

That's what we would have done.

:\ We have no problem fixing transaction errors before purchase and after here. Sorry you had to go through that.


I too have had the same problem with a Dollar General in Oklahoma City. I too, refuse to go back! Poor management skills!

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