July 28, 2012. This is an ongoing issue with Dollar General #6670 Sorrento, Fla.

No matter when I go into this store I have to wait in a line with 6 or more people in front of me due to only one cashier and no manager in sight. Today a woman went looking for another clerk to see if she would come and open another register. The manager came and started yelling at the customer telling her that she shoud tell the cashier that there is a long line. the cashier was going non stop trying.

There was no way the cashier could see if there was a line (she was short and products piled up way high so she could not see the line. The manger said "I'm not going to take this from no customer .....get out of my store.

This manager was very unprofessional, yelling at the customer and started crying. My grandaughters were with me and had to witness this.

No matter when I go into this store it is the same thing. Other customers were complaining too. It was not just this manager. It happend with the man that works there too.

I feel they are overworked and not enough personnel working there.

I'm sorry to see her go thru this, but if you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen. They need more training is what I think

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@Dennis The attitude from the manager is inexcusable, and I would advise you to report it to corporate. However, to my knowledge as an employee, DG managers do not have an inventory receivables list or packing list.

You kinda just get what they send you and most times you never know on what rolltainer a specific item might be. Even worse if its an item that comes in a tote. You have 30+ totes and a item could be in any one of them.(this of course is assuming its right after truck and they haven't been worked yet)

I've seen an item go out of stock and take weeks to get it back in (Even when the manager has specifically ordered it in) and I've seen things that are full on the shelve with a case or more in the back, and they ship another case of it anyway. The local store has surprisingly little control of what the D.C.

sends them. (And no knowledge or list of what items are in the truck shipment)


Poor Customer service from Management in the Sweetwater Tennessee store.I will say the sales associates were professional. I went in to purchase 4 items which was an $88.00 sale they had only two, the sales associate said they were receiving inventory shipment Tuesday and it may be in that shipment Wednesday so I asked them to hold the other two items and I would purchase them Wednesday due to the fact that I was using a check from our church to purchase cd players for shut inns so they can listen to church services.

I returned to the store Wednesday and was greeted by a sales associate professionally he then directed me to the store manager. I asked the manager about the cd players and his comment was I do not have time and will not till tomorrow. I guess he forgot that sales drive his paycheck and he is in the business of meeting customers needs. I was shocked by his demeanor and to see that the store which had inventory all over the aisles blocking other merchandise from being purchased.

The manager could have looked at his inventory receivables list or packing list and would of known if it came in or not.

So I did not purchase the two they put aside due to the lack of professionalism from the store manager. So off to Wal-Marts to purchase what I need.


DG Stores are not given enough payroll to give the costumer service the customer deserve -- some store designs -- the checkouts do not allow for effecient customer flow or to view when there is a line. Finally the expectation placed on stores are unreasonable -- while that may explain the line or lack of service it does not excuse attitude or being rude etc.

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