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In Oconto WI at Dollar General, the store when it opened, used to look nice and organized. Then, employees started finding other places to work and it seemed to have a different employee every week.

Now its like the rest of Dollar Gen. Stores, cluttered, stock sitting in isles, carts, boxes. You can complain to the survey on your receipt, but it falls on deaf ears. Sometimes you can wait in line 10 min.

and nobody looks. You really don't need that much stock in a town of 5,000 people.

You really need to train help quit burning them out. Thank You.

Reason of review: The place is a mess..

I liked: Some prices.

I didn't like: Cluttered store, Store appearance.

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Oconto, Wisconsin, United States #1059065

I didnt write the complaint but i live in oconto and yes i have worked retail. When you have to walk around the store looking for someone to check you out when there is more then one person working and you find them both sitting in the office that is a problem.

Before you go calling people names and making excuses perhaps you should know what you are talking about. The place is filthy, its cluttered, when i have to move boxes and carts out of my way to get at the merchandise i am trying to get to then it is also a problem.

Instead of everyone making excuses clean the place up and if the store isn't big enough for all the inventory then cut back on what you order or find a bigger store. Customer service is the number one thing to anyone in retail and if you can't take peoples opinions then i guess you shouldn't work there.

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