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Dollar General is not the bargain store as it used to be. Prices there on most items are higher than can be found at most stores in my area.

There is a Dollar General location a couple of blocks from my place of of business. I sometimes walk there to buy an item or two when my time is limited. Because I walk there, I prefer a bag to carry my items back to my office. Each time I make a purchase, the cashier shoves the items toward me without bagging them, and each time I request a bag.

This seems to annoy them and they can bit a bit rude at times. I explain that I am walking and need a bag for carrying the items. I was told by couple employees about this and they said they have a "strive for 5" policy and are discouraged to provide bags unless 5 iems are purchased. Really, Dollar General?

You are going to be rude to, and inconvenience your customers to save what amounts to less than a penny in savings to your company? I'll just go to Dollar Tree where there are actual bargains to be found, and where they gladly provide a bag even if you just buy one item.

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