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Watch out for the personnel in Dollar General. The one manger "M" is a real grumpy lady.

I do my best to bug her by saying hello everytime I see her. I asked for an application because they were hiring, well if looks could kill I would be dead. She must have been too busy looking out the window because she didnt go get it, I did my shopping and when I checked out I asked her again for an application and she let out this big sigh, I though I was talking to my son and asked him to take the trash out or something. Well today I went in again and she is looking out window while I am waiting to be waited on, and finally this lady comes up to check me out, she was just as bad.

she was tossing my stuff around, grabbed money out of hand, just about threw my change at me. Not a smile, how are you or anything. Do they take classes on how rude to be to customers? Do they get bonuses for being the rudest?

I think if its so bad then quit. I for one would be glad to have the job!!

Now I am saying nothing bad about the store, Love Dollar General!! They just need nice people working there.

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All employment applications must be done online. We do not have paper employment applications.

Go to and scroll to the bottom of the page and click on "careers". Fill out all the information and be sure to set up a log-in for yourself.

There will be tests you need to take to complete your application. Good luck!


I shop that DG store in Waterville quite often and I find the opposite expierience from the previous 2 posts.Of course maybe it's because I have a good attitude when I go in.Remember you will catch more flies with honey than with vinigar.I would suggest those other people go in again -this time loose the attitude.You might want to pick up a fly swatter while you are there.LOL


I no longer shop at Dollar General, since I think the employees there must get bonuses for "reverse shoplifting" (overcharging) their customers. Six months ago I bought six items, and was charged a higher price than was advertised in the aisle on three of the six items.

They've permanently lost all of my business. :(

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