I work and shop at dollar general in Brimfield, Oh. We have a district manager Dilinda who doesnt seem very pleasent.

It gets very hot in the store and the air is not on. She will not allow us to have a fan. Customers complain often that they are hot. Aspecially the elderly.

We used to have a button at the register that customers could push if we are not up there. It would page the phone that we would have on hand so we would know a customer was up front. This made it so much easier for us employees. Dilinda took that away from us.

We are avery buzy store and we are told we have to be on thefloor at all time recovering. How are we suppose to recover and watch for customers at the same time. We have a big store! Something needs to change.

Also their are plenty of things that need to be fixed in the store and it continues to get ignored. Our floors need cleaned more than just once a year!!

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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