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I just came in the store to purchase some bread and some food for my dog. No one was at the check out.

Everyone was busy stocking, which is ok, I realize that must be done. But, when the clerk did come to wait on me, she didn't greet me, apologize,or even make eye contact. She just picked up the bread and starting ringing up items. Then when I scanned debit card she looked up and ask me if I had an EBT card.

She is probably new, but she needs some coaching on social skills.

I shop at DG for everything and the usual employees or always professional. This needs addressing.

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Ex DG employee here.

The reason she asked about you having an EBT card is because we either strike F3 or F4 on our computers when someone is paying with a card. F3 is for bank/credit cards and F4 is for EBT.

If she didn't see your card, she wouldn't know what button to push and that does matter. If she were to strike the wrong one, you'd have to slide your card again and go through all the BS steps on the pinpad a second time. Don't be so fragile about being asked a simple question-it's not like she wanted to put you on blast and she did need to know that.

DG doesn't assign positions to its employees so if you're ever in the store and no one is at the checkout it unfortunately is normal. It's a sucky setup that winds up causing turmoil for everyone involved.

Believe me. If Walmart or any other store was run like DG we'd all be up *** creek because no one would be able to do hardly anything around the store.

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