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the first problem is your rude mouthed store manager in milan ga.i have been inside that store plenty of times and heard Tasha,the manager on the store phone using profaine language that i dont even use infront of my children.and the second to top it all off she accuses my wife of strealing from the store,when all the *** she was doing was walking around the store while the couple that she took up there to shop and purchase products from that location was finishing their shopping ..i have used dollar general as my main shopping but as of now i will drive the extra 15 miles to mcrae and let family dollar have my buisness..

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Actually the BIG problem is that you don't know how to capitalize, punctuate, or spell. You don't actually have an honest idea of what went on with your wife and the couple she took to the store to do their shopping.

You have your wife's side of the story, and that is her word against the store's. I would hope you don't use profane language in front of your kids, but then on the other hand, I don't necessarily believe that, most humans occasionally say a foul word.

Actually it isn't any of your business what kind of language the manager uses, unless it is directed towards you.

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