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I have shopped your Pinckneyville, IL store for many years and always received good service. Over the last few months though I've noticed customer service has declined dramatically.

The check out process on any given day is at least 20 minutes. Your store used to be a daily stop after work to pick up needed items. I am no longer a frequent shopper. I actually avoid this store if at all possible.

I have resorted to shopping a nearby dollar general store in Coulterville, IL, even though it is out of my way. This is a small community and I have spoke to several other shoppers that have had the same experience. Also I have tried to use digital coupons at this store and will never do that again. I was held up for over 35 minutes with the line backed up to the back of store due to technical problems.

Many items are frequently out of stock which is also inconvenient. I always thought this was a nice and profitable store for our community. The store is always busy. It is the only store in town to get many needed items.

If this problem is not resolved though I feel that people will resort to going somewhere else, like I have done. Just wondering if this stems from corporate making cuts or if its new management? I normally would not take my time to submit a lengthy complaint like this, but this store is a huge convenience to many people and I would hate for it to close. Please let me know if these issues can be resolved, otherwise I will not shop at this store again.

If you wish to contact me my number is 6183187540. Thanks

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Why would anybody need to pick up items at any store on a daily basis. When you need something put it on a list and then when you shop take the list with you. My adult mentally handicapped daughter knows enough to do that.

Orange, California, United States #934433

Are you sure you are even old enough to work, you are blaming the employees for technical problems. I hope wherever you work(wherever they break child labor laws) that you are given a hard time over something you cannot control.

Technical problems are not the employee's fault. The reason the items are out of stock are because they are popular, the warehouse, or the manufacture may not have the items themselves, no reason to throw a temper tantrum over this, they cannot wave a magic wand and make the items appear or pull the items out of their a$$. Trust me you won't be missed if you stop going there.

Two of the points in your complaint are not store level fault. Trust me if you do not shop in this store ever again(and ninety people who say this return) you will not be missed.

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