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I was going through Ozona, Texas a few days ago and stopped in Dollar General. The store on the outside looked good and so did the inside.

As I was shopping i asked an employee a question and she said that she did not know the answer so she pointed in the direction of the manager. As I was approaching the manager she turned around and all i saw was tattoos covering both of her arms. Well Im sorry to say but it looks very disgusting to the public when you are held in such high standards and you have that to show. I have tattoos and I also work with yhe public but mine are placed where they aren't seen by the publics eye.

She needs to have them covered at all times or find a job in which doesn't pertain to the public. I didn't interact with her because of the apperance that I saw. I the procceded to the next isle and an employee walked to her and asked her a simple question, she snapped at the employee, which was very unnessesary. If she has an attitude with her employees because they ask a question, just imagine how she will answer the questions of customers.

When I travel again back through Ozona I will never shop at that store again for those two reasons. I will spend my money at another store that has respectible persons working there.

In my opinion she doesn't need to work with the public with her bodily paints and her terrible attitude. Thank You,

Chloe from Eagle Pass

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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So because she had tattoos means she's a terrible person? I have a ton of tattoos that are always showing and I'm a nurse.

Does that mean u don't do my job? Stop with your assumption ***.


It's 2015. Stop ***.

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