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I have been a good customer for over two years at the dollar General in san antonio tx. On austin highway .

I go there almost everyday whether it's for milk , hygiene , a gift or just to pick a toy out for my kids. In the past three to four weeks I have been treated like trash. I am now forced to drive all the way to heb n take my business there . Because I am constantly being embarrassed by two employees one being an manager and another a cashier.

I am not sure why they have chose me as a target but it has been humiliating, frustrating and so much more . They are treating me as if me n my 5 n 6 year olds are going n there to steal r something . I have been followed around so badly my children noticed. I have heard them saying in front of everyone for the employee to watch us.

They have been extremely rude to me . They have rolled there eyes at me , when I went to check out.I have been talked to very rude when I go to register . I've been followed out store. Then they made a big deal in front of customers because I set n item down in another area n they demanded I tell them why n where ,so they can put it back , but it was asked n a rude way n they tried to speak to me like a child, when I finally got upset n just got ready to leave I could hear her talking to a customer about me n laughing.

It's ridiculous because millions of people do the same thing ever day n it's not turned into a big deal.

It's so upsetting because I have never never done anything wrong. I have always been polite n do my shopping

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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