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I hear you about that Whitehall WV Dollar General is has become a poor and ridiculous example of store. It resembles a flea market.

The manager is a young blond bimbo with an attitude that she can do no wrong. She is pathetic and was hired in poor judgement. She thinks that individuals on welfare should be not giving food assistance because it comes out of her taxes.

She has verbally cussed customers by telling them she is the boss.What happened to that nice guy that worked there did she eat him for lunch or did he run. I quit shopping there and shop Family Dollar its alot better.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Speaking of this Whitehall WV store, the store manager is an arrogant selfie pic waiting to explode on Facebook. Her manager skills is 0 yes 0.

She has got through on looks most of her life. No brains is this poor excuse of garbage. I have seen worms roaches and mice in this store. I knew a guy that worked there and he said this manager is a bipolar wreck waiting to unleash destruction.

No customer service and no deals.

No friendly faces. Store is a mess looks like charity flea market for homeless.


Honey you aren't on the web site for Dollar General. This is a general complaint site.

What do you mean when you make the statement I hear you about the store? That doesn't make any sense. it also takes away from the validity of your complaint when you describe the manager. How do you know she was hired in poor judgement?

You have no way of proving that, other than you don't like her. How do you know she doesn't approve of people on food stamps? I'm sure she hasn't outright said anything to customers. Just because she tells a customer that she is the boss isn't cussing them.

She is merely stating a fact. I'm sure they won't miss your business.

to anonymous #982357

Actually it sounds to me that you might very well be the store manager trying to defend herself without justification or any empathy for any situation except your own. And i believe from reading the complaint that it is justified by the fact a customer must know what goes on in this specific store.

I think you should re-evaluate your career choice. You might be a better night shift employee at McDonald's.

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