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At the Mexico Ny store. I will be getting ahold of the EEOC.

I started working for the company two weeks before I had my son. I left to have my son. I brought the return back to work note from my doctor. I had to reapply because the former manager or any persons failed to inform me about paper work that needs to be turned in before I left to give birth to my son.

So I got kick out of the system.i reapplied and was told my start date would be the week of October 16 2016. Then I was scheduled for two Thursdays in a row. The manager told me I had to bring in my license and social security card witch I did. then I was told I couldn't work the following Thursday because the district manager needed to talk to me first.

Then he told me I did two nocall no shows. I talked to him we got it straightened out. So I called on 11/16/16 and was told that I had to apply somewhere else because my sister works there and they want to promote her.

Which She is the one who trained me in the first place. So now I'm out of a job that hired me and then let me go because I left to have my son and they want to promote my sister.

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