I went to dollar general here in Montgomery Alabama! And oh my goodness the employees were on point it was 1 lady cashing everyone out by her self she didn't get mad but the manager she is a disgrace to your company i dont see how she has been a store manager the girl at the register was very polite amd she was moving very fast that was the first time i ever got out of that store so quickly she was smiling and never took her focus off the register or the customers but that store manager is a very very rude individual she has no respect for customers or her employees

THE cashier just asked her a simple question and she blasted on that poor girl she asked for help and she told her she didnt need any help the line was down the isle if you guys don't get rid of the manager you won't have a business my next step is to call the labor board and make a complaint to them about how she treats the employees and her customers this is my third complaint on this blonde headed disrespect full lady please do something about her or i can always go to the person that is a step higher and aain this i#i

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