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This is the ONLY working bathroom at my local Dollar General in Greenwood, Louisiana. This is completely unacceptable!

The manager of this store is useless. She was sitting in her office texting on her phone when I went by to go to the restroom. I visit this store multiple times a week because it is convienent to where I live. The store is always a mess and there is literally ONE employee that actually works out of all of them!

The store was recently remodeled and it's right back to how it was before. There is never more than one register open EVER. You have to wait in line for 5 mins or more everytime you walk in the door. While the one guy that actually works checks everyone out the other employees are hoarded up blocking isles talking about their personal lives or sitting in the office being loud or one their phones!

PLEASE GET A NEW MANAGER AND A NEW STAFF!! These people are ruining your store!

I asked the manger for the number to her corporate office and she refused to give it to me! Unbelievable

Product or Service Mentioned: Dollar General Corporation Sanitary Conditions.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Looks clean to me compared to some I have seen.. Though I hate Dollar General.


First of all, you have no idea if she was texting and if she was, why or who. Besides, it's none of your dam business.

Also, a 5 minute wait in line sounds pretty quick to me.

New York, United States #964361

Thats how all the DG bathrooms are I was a manager of one we are to email a complaint to get our bathrooms fixed then wait for a response that could take months the tell us to use the other restroom unless both are out of order then they put a port a potty on site (-10 outside btw) or we are told to go up the street if possible. we are working with such little hours we cant schedule people to be on top of the cleaning and same with the register they give us at least 13 tasks a day on top of the everyday tasks and cleaning and sets, truck etc.....with low pay for full time and minimum wage for part time.

Dollar General doesn't care about anything but the dollar. They use your complaints to give us more tasks and take away any chance of bonus opportunities so they save more money.

They don't care about their people and so their people work as well as they are treated...sad but true.

Kokomo, Indiana, United States #964137

Thats gross...i always make sure to go before i leave the house


Are you sure that is a public restroom? Why would you want to go to any dollar store more than once a week?

Most people do all of their shopping once a week.

to anonymous #1130441

I was going to say, if you had passed the manager's office to get to the restroom they were likely kind enough to let you use the employees' restroom. Some DGs don't even have a public restroom so be thankful they let you go at all. Jeez.

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