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The Dollar General store in Mississippi on Nichols Blvd is extremely dirty. Management please come and inspect your store.

Customers should not have to shop in a store that looks and smells like a garbage dump.

The floors are dirty, the shelves are a mess and the staff is lazy. Please get new management or send someone to clean the store so that I can shop again in a pleasant environment.

Product or Service Mentioned: Dollar General Corporation Sanitary Conditions.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Yes this is a mess. I work at DG and try to keep my clothes aisle neat and tidy.

However, when you have customers that pull them off the hangers then just throw them on top of the other clothes, pull hangers and all off and throw them down or shove them underneath the other clothes, it is difficult to keep the aisle tidy. Many times it looks like chickens have been through scratching instead of customers browsing.


ALL the DG stores look like this mess & almost no room to walk around with boxes everywhere too,poorly lit. Is why I don't shop there.

Suffolk, Virginia, United States #1317692

WOW that place looks like the Dollar General in Suffolk. I mean it could be a carbon copy. Last time I went in it looked like this - and that was the last time.


Negative comments will never stop me and should never stop anyone else from voicing your opinions. Having thick skin to endure the blows is a gift.

Tell the truth and never back down.

It amazes me that a dirty Dollar Store would bring about personal insults. One day I will buy a Dollar Store and make sure I post pictures of a beautiful clean and waxed floor, fully stocked shelves, friendly and smiling staff and a big sign that says: "ENJOY YOUR CLEAN SHOPING EXPERIENCE" and yes, all the negative commenting people are welcome!


Wow..what horrible comments. People should be able to go into any store that they are spending their money in and not have to deal with stores looking like this.

If employed just want to sit on their *** then give the job to someone else. No store should ever be trashed like this. It does not matter if items cost $1 or $100 people are spending money there and deserve it to be clean.

As for saying this person needs to make more money and shop at better stores is so ***. No wonder society is messed up and everyone feels so entitled .


It's the dollar store,don't act like your high dollar and deserve better. Get over yourself and get a better job and shop at Costco where wealthy people shop.

to Get over it #1309363

Not everyone can do that. And besides just because it's dollar General does not mean someone does not make good money. Smart people with money manage to save money by going to stores these.

to Get over it #1309414

Obviously you have no bank account or savings for a rainy day. If you look at the tags at Dollar Store or Costco they all say the same thing..."MADE IN CHINA" - Try making the most of your money and get a financial advisor.

Costco has its place but so does the Dollar Store. You missed the whole reason for the post.

New York, New York, United States #1308018

Apply for a job at DG, then you can tidy up the store so it will meet your standards. However, you will see first hand, how quickly the store will be transformed into a zoo. Never ending cycle.

Fullerton, California, United States #1306376

The reason the store is messed up is because they have trash customers like you.

to MakeMyDay2016 #1309410
I'm not a trash customer. I dash in and out to get milk or other small items needed.

My car is spotless and my home is immaculate. We have no excuses for mess except laziness.
You have turned this post into a dialog to insult me because I voiced my opinion concerning cleanliness. This let's me know a few things about you:
Your insensitive, you more than likely get a lot of complaints about being selfish and self centered, and you need Jesus.
Your choices have landed you in a state of being alone.

I'm praying that God delivers you from being EVIL so that you can fulfill your destiny. I still have hope for you:)

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