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Hello, I work at a Dollar General as a Full time key holder and I would like to explain some things to customers. I would like to start off by saying that I have to ID you for certain products when the register prompts me to.

These items include cigarettes, alcohol, some medicines, and even some DVDs. It does not matter how many times you've been in the store, if I know you, how old you look, it doesn't even matter if you work there. You will get carded it's company policy. I would also like to say that I have very little control over sale prices.

I can occasionally change the price of an item if the situation is right and I get approval from the store manager but that is it. I have no control over the prices vendor items such as Coca Cola..the store manager doesn't even have control over it. Let's talk about that "cell phone" as well. Here at DG we call that an "HHT" or hand held terminal (that's a price checker in case you haven't caught on).

I can't help that they make us use a cell phone to check the price of things. I can't help a lot of things that go on at this company. I can't help that the cashier can't even do their own line voids because DG doesn't trust their employees. Believe me, you getting held up in line because the cashier has to call me to take something off makes me just as angry as it makes you.

And no it's not because I'm lazy it's because I have a lot of work to do by myself and the only other person in the store is stuck at the register all day. I have so much more to say but if you're like any of the customers that shop at my store you didn't take the time to read this.

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You are so right. I was once a ASM of a Dollar General and many times was the only one in the store for hours. The pay is not good and the treatment of the employees is even worse.

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