Whent to store#08788 the ladie at counter very rude doesnt want to be there rang my stuff up moaning givimg me dirty looks not very pleasent needs customer srv training or fired blonde hair mid 50s glasses time 1:30-1-24.15 i took my bag left got home 2 items not in bag had to go back found young man he found my items she wouldnt even talk to me i was goimg to tell her a tjimg or too but didnt i will not be shopping there ever again neither will my family or friends we will go back to dollar tree.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Port Saint Lucie, Florida, United States #950367

OMG, How can someone with so little education such as yourself even use a smartphone or computer to post here? I have seen third graders that spell better than you.

This comment section has spell check, but I think it would only confuse you. Judging from your post I feel that you think this country owes you something and everyone should bow down and kiss your a... You probably shop there because they accept SNAP. You think you are so important and people should give you respect.

Got news for you, respect is earned, not given. She probably didn't notice you when you came back in, because you don't matter. She was probably doing her job. Something of which I don't think you have ever had.

You sit so high and mighty judging other people, how does it feel to be judged?

I hope you can read this, I used small words so you would understand. BTW I shop there all the time and NEVER had a bad experience.

Port Saint Lucie, Florida, United States #950297

I'm probably the cashier she's talking about. I'm not in mid 50's!

And I'm definitely not rude to the customers. If you left some items behind, how's is that my fault. And when you came back you could have approached me if you had something to say. I probably didn't look at you because I was busy doing something else.

I do not look or stare at everyone that comes thru the doors.


Hi there my name is Tom and I'm a assistant manager for dollar general I tend relate with yourconscience2015 a lot consumers don't really understand what goes on behind closed doors. I'm a floating manager so I go from store to store and it's always the same.sometimes the consumer reads the sales ad's wrong and will fight until the end about. And I can't really speak for the cashier but we weren't there and we didn't know your demeanor was so.


With your poor spelling, punctuation, and grammar you aren't qualified to criticize anybody. Instead of worrying about the fact that she MIGHT have been treating you rudely, which I highly doubt.

You should have been watching to make sure everything got put in your bag. People do make mistakes. If she had been treating you rudely you should have specified how it was happening, instead of the fact that you say she was moaning(I doubt that too, and I also don't think she was giving you dirty looks.) Did you ever stop to think maybe it was something in your demeanor that caused any possible problems.

Sometimes people think they are being nice and really aren't.

to anonymous Hermitage, Pennsylvania, United States #942280

Every one got something to *** about, until they tryed working in small store working in a store were you've only get 156 hours per week for 8 people to share and have to deal with the ***'s like people on a daily basis we have to make the best of it. Just remember the customer not always right.

And we do are best sometimes. but sometimes you customers don't make it easier.

And I be damned if I going to kiss anyone ***. So next time before you ***"thing " what if that was me behind that counter.

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