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I have been a regular customer at the new dollar general store location on Gunnery in Lehigh acres since it opened. I visit this store at least twice a week.

Today I was treated very poorly by one of their very rude cashiers. Today is not the first time she has been rude, but even after she was clocked out she continued to make very rude comments!!!

I will get her name next time I see her and I will make it my business to see that she doesn't belong in customer service! !!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Le High is near Ft.Myers and not jacksonville at all.Do get her name though and report her.


Tell us exactly how this cashier is very rude to you. Were her comment aimed directly at or about you or was she just talking?

What you consider to be rude, other people might not. Do you suppose you have a bad attitude, in general, and that in turn makes other people react to you in a negative way?

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