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Your store refused me a refund of products I purchased at another Dollar General. I am displaced currently and need a full refund.

I expect a call back from Mr Dreiling, or Mr Cook as I will be reporting to the Better Business Bureau, The local media and the local authorities to place your company on public record for continuing my painful situation. I have my receipt, my Dollar general bag and everything. You are a very poorly managed company along with systems that can't do a full refund.

My name is Sir Giovanni, 404.333.7361. I'm pissd.

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Before contacting the media and the BBB and making a fool of yourself tell your parents what happened, that way they can tell you that this is a waste of time because the media and BBB cannot do anything, they can also explain that there are certain rules and reasons you must follow the rules.


Take into consideration, that not every store in a chain, even in the same town, carries the same product. That could be the reason that they couldn't take back your merchandise.

As far as you being displaced and needing a full refund, causing you to have a painful situation, they can't break the rules just for your convenience.

How is this causing you to have a painful situation? More than likely the BBB won't do anything about this "piddly" matter, and going to the local media and authorities will just make you a "laughing stock." Grow up and pull up your big boy pants and deal with life.

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