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2 nights in a row my disabled neighbor n I,who am also disabled were in the Dollar General store in Crandon, Wi. We both tried to get employee Ben to assist us and instead he ignored us completely went in the back where in plain sight stiod for almost 10 mins.Then wears tshirts with offensive comments on them.

The 2nd eve a woman in front of us was buying soda & the sign clearly stated 3 for $ 9.00 & he told her the sale was off & refused to sell it to her. She left her whole cart full and left the store. Several nights later we noted that a female employee was working a whole night shift and closed the store alone the next night this same employee was alone to close again. While we enjoy shopping and frequent this store approximately 7 -12times a week we would appreciate being treated with courtesy and respect.

Employees should also follow a dress code without Wearing open toed sandals Without socks Around food items. Particularly Bens clothing and attitude.

And the females shouldn't wear holy jeans. Please address these issues so That we may Enjoy our shopping experience again.

We would like to be able to make this a family store again

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