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This is in regards to the Bethlehem, Ga store off hwy 11. I've been going to thus store for years now and have noticed a severe decline in the store over the past several months.

Just to name a few things...the parking lot is always littered with looks disgusting from the road and an eye sore. In the store, everytime I've gone in (which is several times a week) the floor looks like it's never swept or can hardly navigate the isles as there are always boxes and carts with boxes they never unload or stock anything. The shelves always have things hanging off of's just really sloppy. Also, the staff...there are some that are nice...however, the last time I was in I had to wait to check out so the employee could finish their cigarette.

Once that employee did come in, they kept complaining to the manager how they'd like to get their break now!?!? Now, this morning I ran up there to get a few items...

I arrived at 9:15 and the store was closed...not opened yet...the store is supposed to open at an hour and fifteen minutes after it was suppose to open and it's still not open?? Someone needs to hire new management here and re-train people.

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IF it is as horrible as you say, why do you go there several times a week. There has to be other stores where you live. Quit complaining and shop someplace else, but then you wouldn't have anything to whine about, would you?

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