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Last night in South Milwaukee we had our first snowfall, and me and my friend made a normal trip down the road to dollar general to get a few items, upon parking and getting out of our car in a snow filled parking lot, and employee who i always see smoking at the front door (so close I walk in the front door and all I smell is her nasty cigarette) as we get to the front doors this employee tells us verbatim "go move your car, you are parked in two spots and too close to handicap." Now let's mention, there are no cars in the parking lot, and snow covered so you cannot see the lines. My friend moves the car so I can run in and just grab what we need.

Now it doesn't stop there as I was walking out I made a comment saying "glad I wasn't in there long" to my friend who moved the car, and the employee who is smoking outside takes several steps towards me and says "excuse me did you say something" I then repeated myself to her, walking back to the car, and she wanted to argue with me about how the passage side of my car was over the handicap lines, (honestly by maybe two inches if we could have seen them) and how she should have called the cops and how *** we are, And I just got in my car and left. Me myself and my family will no longer be going to this dollar store which is 2 min away from my house, I will pay the gas to go to Walmart 5 min away., I spend way too much money at Dollar General to get harassed by their employees.

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Indiana, Pennsylvania, United States #905991

wow this guy is correct she didnt need the attitude that is rediclous there is no cars there who cares about the handicap parking and employees r not to smoke near the doors i would send a complaint to that store personally there job is to make u happy

Lincolnton, North Carolina, United States #902802

There is never a good excuse for taking even a part of a handicap spot but especially in terrible weather. Snow makes travel for many disabled people even more difficult.

And falls can be worse on their bodies.

Shame on you. That was despicable.


If you live two minutes away from Dollar General, why even drive. The walk would be good for you. The fact that the employee was outside smoking doesn't really have anything to do with your complaint.

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