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My daughter who is 16 went into your store today to purchase breakfast items as her mother had a seizure this morning and was very sick I have four smaller children that was in toe with her, when your store employee came up to her and put her hands on my daughter telling her she was never to come back to the store and pushed her out the door my daughter tried to explain the situation to her they began to argue because your employee refused to sell food to my children. She came home contacted the area manager who did nothing!!

Then explained to her siblings that they could get something in town 30 miles I might add!! I have asked to file a formal complaint and was told there is none as this is the second time our family has had issues with the one employee!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Dollar General Corporation Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Brooklyn, New York, United States #905621

Actually if you had nothing to hide you wouldn't leave a comment anonymous!!! My household is fine and bread isn't what she went for at all and what kind of parent feeds there children peanut butter for breakfast??

Maybe you need to look at your own son and household if that's what you feed your family!! And in toe yes they recorded the entire incident with a cell phone and my lawyer now has it!!


Believe me you don't know the whole story. To begin with your daughter didn't have four kids in "toe." She might have had them in "tow." Exactly what kind of household do you have that you had to have a teenager go to a dollar store to get breakfast items for her younger siblings to eat?

You didn't have any bread on hand to make toast or even a peanut butter sandwich.

As far as that goes most responsible households have cold cereal on hand. Something is drastically fishy with your story and you definitely didn't get the whole story of what happened with your daughter when she was at the store.

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