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My six year old daughter and I were at the Westland Michigan store located on Newburg and Glenwood when we overheard a manager by the name Tyler (the same man that was eating food off the shelves and on a cell phone when we first entered) telling another customer, quote "I gave it to store manager in his booty to come back" while pumping his pelvic area. He is a lager size man and the act alone was completely sicking!

If these are the types of employees you not only employ but pay to run your establishments then you should be ashamed and it's no wonder why your stores are dirty, unorganized and there is outdated food products on the shelves. I'll never shop at a Dollar General again!

Product or Service Mentioned: Dollar General Corporation Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Dollar General isn't going to find out about your complaint on this site. You ae on a general complaint site.

to anonymous #954330

I also notified their corporate office but they did nothing so I'm posting anywhere and everywhere I can, I want people to know what kind of employees they have not only working for them but managing their stores, A person in a managing position should never act in such a way while at work especially when children are around! I was livid to say the least and probably would of shown the disgusting Tyler just how livid if my daughter wasn't with me. Again shame on Dollar General for allowing such behavior from their employees!

to Joyce #957232

You have too much time on ur hands girl. get a life and shop elsewhere. u wont be missed

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