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I've worked at Dollar Store In Idabel OK for 6 months and I recently quit because I got tired of being blamed for everyone mistakes. Beside my tasks that I had to do I did others tasks because I knew the next day I would get in trouble for it.

When I work my hardest, pulled doubles, and worked for anyone/everyone on my days off, I never got appreciate it for it. When other workers didn't do their job, it was OK, but when I couldn't even finish mine, I got in trouble. The manager plays favorites. She also threatens your job over something that can't get you fire for.

At one point, me and two other workers didn't have a phone, due to our personal reasons, and she told me in my face that we ONLY have a week to buy a phone or she was going to let us go. She can't do that! But, what makes me mad is, on the day that I quit, she told me that when other jobs call her and ask about me she was going to give me a bad review. And I didn't believe it at first until I found out why I didn't get this job at this daycare I applied for.

So here's my deal. If she's going to give me bad reviews and cost me to get another job, just because she's mad..

Well let's say this.. Good luck to Idabel Dollar General in the upcoming future.

Product or Service Mentioned: Dollar General Corporation Manager.

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Orange, California, United States #1022495

I think the major reason you did not get along with others is because you are not a team player. You seem to put other workers down, make them look bad to make yourself look good.

I doubt you are missed. You make it seem like you were the only one working and everyone else was slacking off.

When you need to put other workers down and saying they are doing horrible jobs and that you are doing a good job, you are not a team player. Your attitude had to do with why you did not last long.

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