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My 13 year old son was put out the store because he was black with dreads at night without his brother whom he enter with so he's out side no supervision when he went in with his brother that is 14 when ask why he was put out she stated he was touching things but did take anything and could have been kidnapped standing out in a parking lot at night by his self so I feel that my phone was discriminated by the employee because the manager told her she was in the wrong and she did not feel no kind of way sorry about what she did to my child no apology or anything just said that I was watching him so how are you watching my child and you all in here running a register working...

Product or Service Mentioned: Dollar General Corporation Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Philadelphia, Mississippi, United States #933138

Ever hear of commas or periods?

Lampasas, Texas, United States #906735

I hate when my phone is discriminated against! It's just not right when people judge technology...


If things are so bad there, that you think it was dangerous for a 13 year old to be outside unsupervised, what makes you think his BIGGER brother at age 14 could have protected him. They both could have been kidnapped at the same time---it does happen.

Maybe they shouldn't be outside without parental supervision. You can be sure you son was doing something other than just touching things, in order to raise suspicion.

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