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I went into Store #11586 and the manager Rose Mary was working and why she is employed with Dollar General I'll never know. She has the worst attitude towards customers than anyone I have seen in a long time.

I am a retired veteran and we didn't have enlisted personal with attitudes like hers. She tried to get her attitude with my son and I didn't appreciate that at all. My son is only 3 yrs. old and she had no right to get an attitude with him when he wasn't doing anything but walking around the store looking for me.

My son isn't the only child that I have seen her get an attitude with. I don't know if any of the other parents have complained about her but I'm not going to let it go unnoticed. She is also one of the worst people I have seen stock strolled all over the store and I've asked some of the other employees about it cause it was a wreck in the store and they said that Rose Mary had left all of it for them to clean up. I was a leader in the military and from my training that is NOT how a leader/manager is suppose to act or present themselves.

That looks bad on the store and the company and from my experience that's bad for business. Thank you for your time and hopefully this matter will get resolved in a timely fashion because if I see her vehicle at the store I WILL NOT stop because she WILL NOT get on my son or any kids that I have with me like she has ever again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Dollar General Corporation Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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For a know it all RETIRED Vet you don't seem to know that this isn't the web site for Dollar General. You were being a neglectful parent letting your kid roam around the store without you.

Why didn't have in in a shopping cart where he belonged? I don't understand what you call attitude. Did she ask the kid where his parent was or tell him he should be with his parent? That isn't a bad attitude, it is looking out for the well being of the child.

It only takes a minute for a kid to be abducted.

You don't have any idea who might have been lurking in a nearby aisle.

to anonymous De Queen, Arkansas, United States #963541

Well since u think u know it all my son was with his mom so therefore he wasn't alone. 2nd of all when I say attitude I DON'T mean where is ur dad at or anything like that I mean telling him not to be playing with the toy's and just all out rude.

And I know this isn't the DG website but it does say Dollar General Corporation pissed consumer reviews. So therefore I was just staying how I felt and what I thought about the store in Cove Ar.

to Anonymous #989616

If your child was supervised I doubt very much anything was said to your child. And just for general information some people like to purchase toys that still work and haven't been torn up by someone else's kids.

I've seen how the toy isle gets tore up. Sad commentary on some parental supervision

to Anonymous #990098

Parents need to stop letting their children "roam" the store and tear up the toy aisle. Employees have better things to do than clean up some neglectful parent's mess.

You said he was looking for you so obviously not supervised and still, why the *** do you let your kid play with the toys on the shelf? Buy them first.

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