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What a piece of unprofessional *** you have in management in the Hiseville, ky store! I have never in my life seen such a complaining gossiping redneck manager in my life!

I have numerous times been in that store and witnessed Danielle being rude, gossiping with as well about customers. Always complain about how sick she is of "this place". How "this place" drives her crazy. How bad she hates "this place" etc.

It's not 1 time you go in there it's EVERY TIME! You go in there and walk around long enough you will witness it along with her gossiping about employees and customers. You any given day will hear her in someone's business then as soon as they're gone you will hear her tell the next 50 customers that come in all about it. She's very VERY UNPROFESSIONAL in all areas of her job and very 2 faced between employees too.

I'm a regular or was a regular customer and it's each time you go in there that you hear her obnoxiousness! I cannot believe Dollar General puts up with that behavior at all! But to keep promoting her position? There's been several very good cashiers there that have left over her.

She plays favorites and again, I cannot stress enough how unprofessional she really is. I've been in management myself and I have been blown away by such shanagans this little girl puts out. I've witnessed quite a lot more than I would have liked to just while shopping. I have had negative encounters with her and she's been rude on more than one occasion to me too.

I've seen her in action with others then had to deal with it myself! I have never treated her with anything but respect for the simple reason my mother raised me to be the better person even in unhappy situations! I was embarrassed by her 2 different times in front of others and made feel horrible to say the least and let it go. Once was at Christmas over wrapping paper that was on sale according to the paper taped on the box but it rung up full price.

She acted like I was lying andthe stated I must have got it from the wrong box, I was told to go get the paper off the box and show her! She then preceeded to huff & puff all the while *** in her keys out and slinging stuff around saying negative things about "night shift" and she had told them to make sure they took sale signs down etc. And had they done what they were told" she wouldn't have to be selling this high dollar paper dirt cheap and dealing with this *** now"! And yes, there was a line of people standing there with their mouths like mine jaw on the floor, shaking heads in disbelief!

That's my worst encounter with her personally but not my only. I even witnessed her tell a man to "shut up,freddy" when the line was backed upthru the store, &one lane open because he merely said he was in a hurry and she needed to call someone up there to open a second register up and get the line down. He sat his drink down and went out the door! That's the kind of treatment you get at DOLLAR GENERAL in HISEVILLE KENTUCKY!

my question is how does she continue to move up in the company? Her explication is they need her to bad to fire her as I have heard her say several times and because "I show up" well I'm sorry but dollar general needs better and we customers deserve much better! I think Danielle needs a new job! We the customer deserve better than that!

This last encounter I had was totally uncalled for and happened as a result of her gossiping and being two faced! It will be taken up directly with her boss! I have had it with her this time. I was basically screamed at-about in the grocery store because of ms Danielle telling an employee at the time I had called about her stealing money from us and I requested the cameras pulled!

She went an told the employee I called an accused her and as a result the now ex employee screamed it in the grocery store(where I could hear an isle over) to her husband about " her accusing me of stealing *** money" (her words). I knew then that Danielle went right to her and told her. And I highly doubt she told the girlwhat she said to me about the girl! I was told there was no cameras over there but I was probably right!

And too bad we couldn't prove it etc...also the girls a known theif blah blah blah. So yes, I'm quite mad about this! It happened back last year but today at the grocery store was the first time I had seen the girl we believed to have taken every dime we had to our name that week! My husband had just cashed his paycheck, paid a bill and got a few things at your store.

Like I said I will be calling on Monday and speaking with the DM OVER THIS ! People I've talked to in the community about the goings on in that store don't have anything good to say either! There's several that say they refuse to go in there when she's there and others have said they had rather just go into Phillips IGA and pay more as to give it to that store! I will pray about it and calm down before speaking directly with higher management but believe me I will enough is enough!

I think she needs relieved of her job before someone in the community kicks her hind end! She's going to cross the wrong one out there I've already heard of a few wouldn't care to that she's already crossed.

It's sad when folks had rather pay more for their necessities as to go in the dollar store because of a little immature, unprofessional manager.

Product or Service Mentioned: Dollar General Corporation Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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