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I was at the fallout General in El Paso Texas 79902 witch is on 2400 n Mesa .and the manager was so rude n was following me around the whole store.then when I go to the line to pay.the manager is staring at me so I asked her what's was her problem n why is she being so rude.she went off on me n told me to leave my stuff there and leave the as I was leaving .she said she was going to call the cops.i didn't want no issues so I left and called corporate n made a report on her.people like that shouldn't b managers at all.i even showed her what I got paid today so she can see I had money to pay for what I was getting from there.i hope corprate does something about her.shes a loser and everybody on line at the register were so shocked on how she handled top it off she was dressed as a witch with green I guess she was playing out her costume for Halloween today .she is crazy n not a nice person.i hope Todd from corporate calls me back so I can make another report on her.i will also continue to tell everyone I know not to shop there as well.if they keep having people like that be managers for dallor General.then this store will not make it at all.i mean the prices are great and all.and they do have a lot of good workers n help me find what I need always.bit there's always one in the bunch that are just no good to b a manager. Thanks for reading this review

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Well, well, little miss perfect, it must be nice to be so perfect and still lower yourself to name calling, etc. For somebody that thinks they are so perfect you sure have a lot of errors in your complaint.

You have no way of proving all the things that you say the manager was doing, before you so rudely accosted her.

I'm sure she had better things to do with her time than to follow you around the store. From all of the mistakes in your complaint and your attitude I wonder if you are old enough to be shopping on your own.

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