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Manager 319 Mousand San Antonio took all the items out of my cart said they weren't for sale after I found them on sales floor. Her and clerk talked very rudely to me and my friend.

Violated dg own rules, reaching in cart and not selling clothes found on sales floor.

Corporate doesn't seem to care. Did all this in front of numerous other customers

Product or Service Mentioned: Dollar General Corporation Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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lmao This is sad.


I did not know they were penny items until manager told me. I thought they were still .50.

The box I found them in had sale clothes and non sale clothes. If the manager had explained in private nicely I wouldn't be upset. However to do this publicly in front of everyone in the store and talking to us in such an ugly manner, inexcusable. If she pulled the items before the store opened why were they on the floor at 5pm?

To lazy to walk them back to the stockroom? I spoke to regional manager and yes she violated dg rules. I hope he honors his words," in the future maybe we can donate the clothes to charity.

But I'm not holding my breath. " Neither will I drop it


You are entitled to buy penny items if they are on the sales floor. The best way to get a response is to file a complaint on their website, if you call their number, it gets re-routed to a call center in India and nothing gets done. Or call other stores in the area and ask for the district manager's phone number


Funny, I didn't mention they were a penny in the original post but you knew they had gone down to a penny. Pay attention dollar general because that poster is an employee at that store.

I said,"found items on sales floor." Yeah Busted! But of course the same rude behavior on the Internet as in person. So here's the REAL story little girl. I donate to a charity that takes clothes to poor apartments (not to sell at flea markets) I do not drive around to all dg trying to find penny items.

I'd rather buy them and get a selection at .50 cents and no one said the sale was over. The whole story people: When we entered the store we asked the cashier if the sale was still on, she said yes but probably nothing left. We spent about 45 minutes and found sales items in the racks and a box. The whole time management walked down the main isle and said nothing to us.

Until we got to the register. Manager said, where did you get those clothes. We said, in a box. Manager said, they are not for sale that's why they were in that box.

I said, well they are at the other stores (because no one said sale was over, we asked cashier, and dg puts sale clothes in boxes, and it was on the floor) Manager said, that's why we pulled them this morning, they are penny items (first time it was meantioned) The manager proceeded to take everything out of my cart. I said, your taking everything? Manager said, YES, they are NOT for sale! I told manager she shouldn't be talking to customers like that.

Told my friend come on, let's go. The clerk at the door said, she's just doing her job. I said, you don't need to be mouthing off to me either. ..all this I manager did in front of other customers.

I contacted customer service, corporate and regional manager. You people just busted yourselves by saying penny items. This is the nasty attitude this store has, "you got owned by management. " well guess what management and dg, your sales at that store are going way down now.

Everyone will be shopping at the new Walmart down the street. Good luck in finding another job


awwww poor penny hunter got pwned by management. Guess you'll have to find something else to sell at the flea market. Here's a clue, get a job instead of spending all your days driving around to different DG's to buy up all their penny items and trash their stores and then throw a fit when you're called out on it

to Anonymous #1155991

Why don't you take your own advice and get a job as well?!

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