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hello. I went to the dollar general on 378 today in gilbert sc 29054 and was very displeased.

Today is 2/15/2015. The day after valentines day. When we went inside there was a table just inside the door with valentine items on it. I asked the first employee i finally located if those items were discounted and she said yes 50% off.

I gathered a few items off the table to include a valentines body pillow that showed $10.00. When I went to check out the pillow rang up $10.0 and I asked why because on the tag and on the cash register the item rung up Val body pillow. The cashiere went and got the manager who said that was a regular item not a valentine item. When asked why it was on that display she said she just stuck it there because she had no where else to put it.

I told her that was very deceiving and made no sense. She was very rude and seemed to have no idea what was going on. She even asked ME why I thought valentinea items were on sale and I told her because her assistant who was working the register told me so. I am very displeased with her service.

I am a paramedic and deal with the public myself.

I also shop at the dollar general stores regularly and have never been treated in such way esp by a "manager".

Product or Service Mentioned: Dollar General Corporation Manager.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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