Burnside, Kentucky

I have lived in the burnside ky area for over 12 years and have never had any problems until now. The dollar general store is the only store near me other than gas stations unless I go to Somerset ky.

As I stopped at the dollar general store on 9/23/2014 I was told that I wasnt allowed to come back into the dollar store.

Stephanie weaver a lady that works at the store stopped me and said Fred the store manager was supose to tell me. I would like a exclamation on why im not allowed because I have always went to the store and all of a sudden im not allowed.

Product or Service Mentioned: Dollar General Corporation Manager.

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So what was it... Shoplifting?

Vulgar language?

Destruction of property? I'm sure there is a perfectly good reason you were banned, and I'm sure you're fully aware of whatever you did, just own up to it.


Tell us the rest of the story. There is more here than you are telling us.

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