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My sister had her two year old who needed to use the restroom and when she asked for one the lady at the register toled her they were not open to the public so my sister asked to speak to a manager and the woman said she was the manager. She didnt even have on a name badge and was extreamly rude.

Review about: Dollar General Corporation Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Hey you know I deal with the pubic and just hearing that I've got to talk to a customer because they don't like a policy makes my skin crawl. Every one is "special" and entitled - so they think we should bend the rules for them.

We have policies that we don't understand at times, but they are the rules that our company sets forth for us to follow.

Why don't you call corporate and discuss it with them while your nephew *** all over himself. For god sakes, go find a bathroom and quit arguing.

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There's no law that says a retail establishment has to have a public restroom. The reason being is customers are pigs and pee/*** all over the floor and the workers have to clean it up.

So unless you have a note from the doctor saying it's a medical emergency that you be allowed to use the bathroom, you're out of luck. And by the way, being told NO doesn't equal being rude

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