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I would love to be the general manager for the DG in the area, I just visited a couple days ago. I will clean house.

It is unacceptable for them to have 2 registers but only utilize one, when you have tons of frustrated people in line. That's not fair to the one cashier that's trying to stay sane. It's unacceptable the way the managers speak/greet the customers or lack there of. It's unacceptable for boxes on top of boxes are piled on the floor, there's no need for buggies because you can't get down the aisles.

DG #8501 and 6156 are terrible. You advertise one thing but after you receive the total it's something else. The items not priced correctly and when you want a refund the managers have an attitude. I have been told by many people, they do not shop there because of that reason.

I worked in servicing for over 15 yrs and I know how you should be treated. These employees need to take a customer service training course every 6months to keep their job.

Leave your attitude at the door. Everybody have bad days, but your workplace is not the place!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Dollar General Corporation Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Wichita Falls, Texas, United States #1290590

The only use one register dip *** because of the lack of labor hours so each store can only afford to have one cashier a shift

Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States #1290486

DG is an awful company. I agree their customer service skills are very lacking but I'm also glad you realize a big problem is that they never have anyone working.

The big shots at corporate keep cutting hours more and more.

As far as the return issue, as a former store manager I can tell you why managers get huffy, because they get yelled at by loss prevention if their return percentage is too high.

Not only that but 75% of the merchandise that gets returned, ends up in the garbage (corporate policy). However, they should NOT be taking that out on you because you need to return some of their *** merchandise

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