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I recently was refused sell of tobbaco products in Luverne Al becuz I carried pack up to store so I got right kind that I was buying for my disabled 37 yr old son...when I called store manager to discuss situation..she was Rude deffensive and said it was State Law and then hangs uo on me...after contacting police dept to inquire statelaw..he informs me refusal ONLY IF THEY THINK ITS FOR A MINOR...so then I go to to store to speak with manager personnaly and she will not even give me chance to to talk much less state a complaint or grievance..procceds to tell me that she is throwing me OUT of "HER" store..which I calming tell her she cannot do just becuz I want to discuss store policy..she proceeds to call the police!!..Can u imagine that..over the sell of a pack if cigerrettes to adult with I D...I will be seeing an attorney and speaking to corporate about this incident!!..I have Never been so humilated and disgustingly spoken to by Any Store manager in my Life..and I was in retail manangment for 20+ years...thank god I had the appitude to record this whole transaction..Oh and did I mention..she banned me from the store...HER STORE!!.. WE'LL SEE ABOUT THAT!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Dollar General Corporation Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Oh quit your *** lady , we are not allowed to, let me repeat, not allowed to sell tobacco to anyone if they are buying it for someone else, we could get fined , so could the store and we could loose our jobs. So just shut up.

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